Ask: are you thinking of killing yourself? Ask direct questions talk to the individual in plain language, be willing to listen and allow the person to express their problem, also ask them have they thought about how they would kill themselves?

Care:please tell me what happen that is making you feel so distressed right now, I understand that the person may be in pain. Allow and encourage him or her to talk freely, restate what the person said asked for clarification if need be, listen for those reasons that may be keeping a person alive. Keep in mind your own safety, take action. Make plans to remove lethal means, weapons or pills and talk with the individual about how to stay safe.

Escort: call him individual to behavior health professional or emergency room. Adopt the attitude that you were going to help the person. And sure someone stays with the person until he or she receives appropriate help. Never leave them alone! It is best to have these locations and phone numbers in advance.